Erdheim Chester histocytosis

Today, I scanned a pt who I have been scanning for the last couple of years. We scan her every 3-6months or so. She has been trying different therapy for her Erdheim Chester disease. The most recent, a 6 month course of Chemo. I can say that her scans are markedly improved over the last time we scanned her. I was very impressed. I can say this is the best part about what I do . When I see some one getting better it is a great feeling. When I first saw this patient I was not sure what to think, I know i was worried for her. The Radiologist working that night said to me a few words I’ll always remember. He said, ” this is the rarest case you will see  over and over again.” I thought it was strange at the time becuase I knew how true it was. I knew I would be seeing this patient again and again for follow up scans, but I will probally never see another case of non-langerhans histocytosis or Erdheim Chesters Disease.  

Here is some background on the disease.   Coolmristuff


2 thoughts on “Erdheim Chester histocytosis

  1. Thanks for the post Cris, you stimulated me to go and study this disease that I really can’ t say how to diagnose!

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