Portable CT scanner

Eric Bailey from NeuroLogica Inc, a Danvers, MA company, recently brought his miniaturized CereTom™ CT scanner to a boxing match. He positioned it just off the ring, and offered the organizers the ability to diagnose anything that might happen, right on the spot. Lo and behold, after a match that ended with an off the ring CT scan, Lorenzo Bethea was rushed by ambulance to a hospital for diagnosed intracranial bleeding. His life was saved. American football teams have taken notice and some are purchasing the relatively mobile and affordable CereTom scanners for their fields.
… the Las Vegas incident intrigued enough teams in the NFL that two — the Oakland Raiders and Indianapolis Colts — have agreed to use the CereTom in their home stadiums. The hope, Bailey said, is that teams can use the CereTom to immediately examine players for serious underlying conditions that might not register in regular screenings.

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