3t open a whole new look from siemens

MAGNETOM Verio MRI from Siemens

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At the 93rd Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Siemens is profiling its new 3 Tesla MRI system with a wide bore entrance for people directly embroiled in the obesity epidemic:

The MAGNETOM Verio offers greater patient access and comfort made possible by the 70 cm Open Bore resulting in higher throughput and more referrals. Patients of all shapes and sizes feel less discomfort and anxiety, reducing the need for sedation and minimizing claustrophobic rejections. In addition, Tim™ technology also increases throughput thanks to shorter scan time, which creates an opportunity to increase your procedure volume…MAGNETOM Verio is the shortest 3T system available today, with an ultra-light magnet. You spend less from the start because the system’s size, weight, and stray field minimize siting requirements and costs without compromising performance.

MAGNETOM Verio brings new benefits:

  • A unique combination of 3T and 70 cm Open Bore

  • The shortest 3T system on the market today

  • Ultra-light magnet with zero helium boil-off

  • Large field of view, support a full range of clinical applications

  • TrueForm™ magnet design offers enhanced image quality by optimizing the homogeneity

  • Higher speed and superb image quality powered by the VQ-engine gradient

  • MAGNETOM Verio product page

    Product brochure (.pdf) …

    Press release…

    4 thoughts on “3t open a whole new look from siemens

    1. The Verio looks like an awesome tool for helping claustrophobic patients and those with larger body frames. One of the sites where I work is installing a Verio soon. I can’t wait to see it in action and try out the new TIM software.
      Thanks for the write up!

      • Just wondering if Lorraine tried this machine again with a sedative? I could not do the regular MRI machine due to my claustrophobia – as I discovered! I went to look at this machine at another area of the hospital. Frankly the bore did not look that much bigger although it was shorter in lenghth. I have the medication now…just hope it works!

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