medtronic iMRI intraoperative OR at RSNA

Medtronic Navigation makes a bold move into medical imaging with its first RSNA in the history of our company

Q: What products, updates or innovations are you announcing or launching at RSNA?

Medtronic Navigation is thrilled to be participating at RSNA for the first time in the history of our company. As the world’s leader in medical devices, Medtronic has taken a bold move through its Navigation division into the intra-operative imaging field. We will be highlighting two flagship products, the PoleStar® System — the worlds leading intra-operative MRI(iMRI) product, andthe O-ARM® System — an intra-operative 3D X-Ray platform. Both of these imaging platforms will be fully integrated into Medtronic Navigation’s STEALTHSTATION® System — a computer assisted surgery platform.

Q: What are the benefits of using your product?

PoleStar® System: during brain surgery, the brain shifts from its original location on the preoperative diagnostic scan. This makes localization of the area of interest with the degree of accuracy neededdifficult. The PoleStar® enables surgeons to acquire images as needed to confirm accurate anatomical position as well as critical tumor resection verification. This low field iMRI is an economically feasible alternative to high field options. It can be installed in an existing OR with minimal modifications, allowing the OR to be used as an all purpose room when iMRI is not needed.

This is what has driven our world market share leader position in intra-operative MRI. The O-ARM® System: high resolution intra-operative images provide surgeons with a 3D view of the patient in the operative position. This allows surgeons to view anatomy and confirm hardware placement in the axial, coronal, and sagittal views prior to closing the patient. Because it is a mobile platform, it does not require a dedicated room and can be used during multiple surgeries across different specialties.

Q: Please explain what the customer, whether clinician organization, individual clinician or patient stands to gain from using your products and why?

Whether they are removing a brain tumor or correcting a spinal deformity, surgeons can close with confidence when using intra-operative imaging. They can confirm the extent of the tumor removal or the hardware placement before closing the patient rather than waiting for a post-op scan. For patients, this may mean shorter recovery time and a decreased need for repeat surgeries.

Q: What are you hoping to achieve from this year’s RSNA?

We intend to become thepreferred intra-operative navigation andimaging company worldwide. While the field of diagnostic imaging is quite crowded with world class companies, we believe that Medtronic stands out as the imaging company committed to surgery in every way and is uniquely positioned to provide clinical solutions to our surgeon and radiology customers. Looking at a procedure from aholistic perspective that includes planning, navigation and therapy delivery drives our unique imaging solutions.

Q: What key messages do you have for RSNA attendees?

Medtronic is a world class company committed to solutions in the OR. Our imaging business will become the gold standard surgical imaging business around the world. We are at RSNA to develop trust with the radiology community and to showcase the most exciting, practical imaging solutions in the surgical environment.

Q: What will you be trying to communicate to potential customers that will help you stand out from the crowd?
Our relationships with the surgical community give us a powerful window through which we gather the needs of end user customers. We have applied this knowledge to product development and surgical work flow in a way that adds real clinical value. We will maintain this strategic advantage because of who Medtronic is relative to diagnostic imaging companies.

Q: How do you see the year ahead in clinical and business terms?

The intra-operative MRI market will continue to grow and be fueled by interest in High Field use in the OR. This market growth will add to ourworld market leading position in the iMRI space when cost benefit analysis and realistic assessments of OR work flow are taken into serious purchase consideration.The O-ARM® System has captured the imagination of the surgical community who now for the first time are able to acquire 3D volumetric imaging with the convenience ofa C-arm but with CT-like image quality.


Company profile

Since its inception, Medtronic Navigation has been on the forefront of surgical navigation solutions, guiding the industry to a higher standard of care for several clinical specialties, including functional neurosurgery, spinal, ENT, joint replacement and orthopaedic trauma surgeries.

As the leading provider of integrated navigation and intra-operative imaging solutions, we pride ourselves on the technology, service and support we provide to more than 2300 StealthStation® System and intra-operative imaging customers worldwide.


Contact details

Name: Medtronic Navigation
Interviewee: Rich Grant
Phone: +1-978-698-6010
Website: Click here for the Medtronic site.

Publisher: Stuart Hall

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