GE’s new 3T MRI scanner MR750

Simply Powerful, Powerfully Simple It’s MR beyond boundaries, giving you every edge. Break free from traditional 3.0T scanning – powerfully, precisely, productively. Just for starters, we’re talking about a complete liver study in a 15-minute time slot, or the breast images you need in only two sequences. No more “what ifs” – it’s time for “right nows.”

The strongest whole-body gradients – the most powerful in the industry – and the new gold standard in body, breast and MSK imaging… now that’s powerfully simple MR.



Break the Bonds: Start from a Position of PowerThe Signa® MR750 3.0T’s stunning new technologies take 3.0T imaging to a new level. This remarkable technology allows you to focus on what’s most important – patients.

The most reliable 3.0T magnet, the Signa® MR750 3.0T is built around GE’s third-generation short-bore, superconducting 3.0T magnet – proven to deliver high homogeneity for excellent results…even in large or off-center FOV imaging, fat saturation techniques and high-performance applications such as cardiac, fMRI, diffusion tensor and spectroscopy. Other technical breakthroughs include:

  • Sophisticated real-time SAR optimization.

  • Unique heat extraction gradient architecture for faster acquisitions and fewer slowdowns.

  • Exclusive OpTix optical RF technology for greater SNR.

  • ARC, accelerated parallel imaging.

  • Faster reconstructions.

  • Anatomy-optimized RF coils and arrays.

  • Easily scalable for future expansion.



Break Away: Routine Exams Faster, Advanced Exams Routine

As the most efficient scanner available, every scan is a study in speed. Conduct in-room patient set up in as little as 30 seconds and start scanning in just a few simple steps. The Signa® MR750 3.0T makes routine exams faster than the industry standard, and advanced exams routine.


The Signa® MR750 3.0T is designed around clinical workflow needs with a strong focus on improving productivity, such as:

  • Automated clinical applications mean fewer steps to faster studies.

  • A high-resolution color in-room operator console (iROC) equals quick exam set up.

  • The Express Patient Table offers one-time patient transfer, comfort and operational efficiency. Two 32-channel surface coil connections integrated right into the table can simplify patient preparation outside the scanning room.

  • With a simple, one-handed motion, the integrated arm boards can be optimally positioned to support the patient for injections and transport.

  • Located to the left and right of the scanner bore, the dual-sided controls let you operate the scanner from either side of the patient table.

  • Start scanning in just a few simple steps with IntelliTouch patient positioning.

  • The system gives patients a quick, easy, and comfortable MR experience.

The strongest whole-body gradients – the most powerful in the industry – deliver incredible 50mT/m gradient field on each axis (X, Y and Z) simultaneously, plus a slew-rate of 200 T/m/s combined with OpTix – an exclusive optical RF technology. The result: higher accuracy and more reproducible scans. Additionally, you’ll experience up to 60% more anatomical coverage and resolution per unit time, 27% more SNR and faster reconstruction speeds. What’s more, enjoy the new gold standard in body, breast and MSK imaging.

Clinical Break Down: Fresh Vision, New Clarity

Thanks to unprecedented temporal system stability and high signal-to-noise, the subtle brain activation signal treats in the foreground and can be captured much more reliably. The Signa® MR750 3.0T delivers routine, accurate, repeatable fMRI studies with 60% more spatial resolution in the same scan time and with reduced number of paradigm repetitions.
Combining multiple series into one, VIBRANT – IDEAL helps reduce exam time and ensure “can’t miss” fat suppression in breast studies. With no need for shimming and ARC parallel imaging on the Signa® MR750 3.0T, your productivity benefits are substantial.

This system is ready for clinical prime time. Read about the details behind this remarkable technology.

  • With Cube, you can more easily reformat sub-millimeter isotropic 3D volume image data from a single acquisition into any plane-axial, sagittal, coronal or oblique – with no gaps or loss of resolution. New, self-calibrated ARC parallel imaging engine speeds up the acquisition, while eliminating aliasing even in small FOV imaging.

  • 3D MERGE: Generating excellent gray-white matter contrast in the spinal cord without sacrificing SNR, this high-definition, 3D application acquires 1 mm slices in a clinically relevant scan time, enabling reformats in different planes.

  • Time of Flight imaging on the Signa® MR750 3.0T gives you more -more spatial resolution and more contrast between the flowing blood and the surrounding tissue- for more small vessel detail more confident diagnoses.

  • Providing exceptionally uniform, consistent fat suppression across the entire image in a very large field of view, LAVA-IDEAL produces four contrasts in just one acquisition, for confident diagnoses and fewer repeat exams.

  • Now delivering improved performance, which lets you more than double the slices or alternative to acquire more diffusion directions in the same scan time, DTI/FiberTrak lets you visualize white matter trajectories in the brain.


22 thoughts on “GE’s new 3T MRI scanner MR750

  1. If you think the GE system is cool, check out Philips new Multi-Transmit/Multi-Receive 3T system.

    Philips have released at RSNA the Achieva 3.0T “Tx” system – powered by multi-transmit technology.

    We all know how multi-element receive coils has been the biggest driver in MRI technology the past 4 years. We all know that 3.0T is the clear direction the MRI market is going. Well now Philips have Multi-transmit for the RF Transmission as well as receive.

    Tx automatically adjusts to every patients anatomy giving enhanced uniformity.
    Enhanced SAR distribution leading to up to 40% more speed

    WOW, now that’s what I call revolutionary!! Check out the information online

  2. Ya, the Philips 3t is cool! It would be nice if it didn’t have to stop every other scan to let the pt. cool down! Some day you might be at GE’s level, but not yet.

    • Do you work with both systems? Kurt. If so I would be interested in seeing some images from both. I could post them here. I will give you full credit for the images, Thanks in advance Kurt. Why do you have to stop scanning on the philips so often. Are your SAR setting correct. Great to hear from you

  3. Kurt,

    I think your are miss-informed about the Philips 3.0T. Clearly you don’t use one. It is known to have the most advanced SAR management of all manufacturers and never has to stop for patients to cool down. In fact, the patients don’t even get warm in a Philips 3.0T. I think you are mistaking it with Siemens or GE.

      • I have been in the scanner of GE MR750, Siemens Verio 3T and Philips 3T Achieva and to tell you the truth it got really hot in the Philips machine. When I got out of the scanner I was sweating quite heavily.

  4. I am a corporate recruiter and am looking for a MRI Tech for our new GE 3T. The facility is located in Southern CA but help with relocation would be available.
    Please let me know if you are interested and have experience.

    • hi,i am vishal , i have completed my in radiology & have a 1& 1/2 YEAR EXPERIANCE in GE 0.2 T & 1.5 T & i am intrested to work on 3T

  5. Hi I need a 3-Tesla MRI on 1 or both hips, ASAP, in order to qualify for an experimental procedure with stem cells. Does anyone know of locations that have this unit in Southern California? (Glendale, Burbank, Los Angeles, Pasadena…) I’m willing to drive anywhere from Oxnard to Palm Springs if it will save a few bucks. (No insurance, paying cash.)

    Thanks for helping if you can!

  6. I worked between GE and Philips as locum I’d traveled and work in these two modality I learnt my scanning from Philips which is user friendly when I used GE scanner I find it very hard to use the software as everything like manual type not unlike Philips everything was set up to make life convenient However scanning GE is much faster than Philips.

  7. Can anyone tell me the bore size of the GE MRT750? We have one being installed in our hospital and the marketing on it is that it has the largest bore of any MR on the market. Is this true?


  8. wonder how this cube sequence works?
    does it requires special coil? software? recon engine etc?
    does it works on 1.5 T?
    sounds so cool.

  9. Given a choice of a GE 1.5T Signa HDxT 16 channel excite system versus a GE 3.0T signga excite HDx, which would you choose for a hip arthrogram?

  10. Hi Elmarie,
    I work at a cardiology center in Los Angeles. What would you like to know about the low hr?In Ge the lowere the heart rate the better the images. Less turmoil, tremer and more images.Because you can use at 1000 RR instead of 2000rr if the hr is doubled.

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  12. Hi, Can anyone help me in calculating acquisition time for BRAVO on 3T GE scanner. Parameters are : FOV=24 cm, Phase FOVE=0.8, Matrix=240×240, slices=160, Prep time=2500 ms, TR=7.9 ms, NEX=1. What I get is way shorter than what the scanner says it should be….

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