Microsoft Smater EMR

Microsoft Envisions Smarter EMR Interfaces

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Microsoft engineers are working on developing visual interfaces for electronic medical records (EMR), and have setup a website to help with brainstorming and demonstrating different ideas using Microsoft’s Common User Interface platform powered by Silverlight, the company’s high powered version of Adobe Flash.

From Microsoft Health’s Patient Journey Demonstrator:

The Patient Journey Demonstrator conceptualizes an end-to-end journey where a specific clinical scenario is used to illustrate how an integrated, patient-centric care record can transition seamlessly between care settings. It demonstrates how data can be accessed and entered from many of the care sources experienced along the patient journey.In this scenario, a man with suspected heart disease is examined by his family doctor. Using decision support tools, his doctor decides that the best course of action is to refer him for further tests. The scenario then tracks the activities that take place from the initial consultation through secondary care to an Angiogram.

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Silverlight 2.0 Beta 1 is required to run the Patient Journey Demonstrator. Please click on “Install Microsoft Silverlight”

Supported Operating Systems and Browsers

  • Windows Vista with Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 1.5+
  • Windows XP SP2 with Internet Explorer 6+, and Firefox 1.5+
  • Windows Server 2003 (excluding IA-64) with Internet Explorer 6+, and Firefox 1.5+
  • Windows 2000 with Internet Explorer 6
  • Mac OS 10 4.8+ (Intel-based) with Firefox 1.5+ and Safari



2 thoughts on “Microsoft Smater EMR

  1. Its a very good news to all the medical practices for Microsoft engineers working on Medical Informatics (EMR).

    Thank to Microsoft engineers…..

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