MRI technology could turn colorful


In the world of color MRI technology is still black and white and as a result it cannot differentiate between cells at single cell level but all this is expected to change for the good.

In the future MRI technology could turn colorful as customized microscopic magnets could turn this around and at the same time increase the sensitivity and information revealed by images. These magnets acting as smart tags could lead to better identification of particular physiological conditions for diagnosis or research purposes.

As compared to the technology which uses chemical solutions these NIH micromagnets use their physical shape for adjusting radio frequency signals for creating images which can then be converted into rainbow of optical colors by the computer and then these magnets can be coated so that they can be attached to different cell types and hence used for identification using tag color. These magnets can be compared to microscopic RFID tags and besides MRI could also be used in the field of biotechnology and medical toolkits.

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