The Aurora® Breast MRI Society & The Journal of Breast MRI.

The Aurora® Breast MRI Society, a rapidly growing group of dedicated breast health specialists committed to advancing the use of cutting-edge dedicated breast MRI technology, debuted its inaugural issue of The Journal of Breast MRI. The Journal was produced as a platform for Society members to relay clinical information and best practices for the detection, diagnosis and management of breast disease.

“Since the establishment of the Aurora Breast MRI Society in 2006, the enthusiasm to support the Society’s mission to expand breast MRI education has never ceased,” said Kamilia F. Kozlowski, M.D., president, Aurora Breast MRI Society, and medical director/CEO and clinical breast radiologist, Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center. “The Journal of Breast MRI is yet another tool that sustains the eagerness of breast radiologists to expand the role of breast MRI and help patients defeat breast disease through early detection and diagnosis. We are certain readers will be stimulated by the articles in The Journal, as the publication will be a valuable resource for health care professionals to understand the importance of MRI in breast health practices and improved patient care.”

The Journal of Breast MRI will be available for the first time this summer. Featured articles in the inaugural issue will include topics such as breast MRI accreditation for women’s health centers, the positive impact of MRI once integrated into a breast center, and the increased use of dedicated breast MRI for screening. To obtain a copy of The Journal, or to learn more about the Aurora Breast MRI Society, please visit

About the Aurora® Breast MRI Society

The Aurora Breast MRI Society was established by breast health care professionals worldwide, committed to providing patients with state-of-the-art breast imaging. Society members have selected the Aurora® Dedicated Breast MRI System to offer patients its breast imaging and interventional capabilities. To support its mission to advance the use of cutting-edge dedicated breast MRI technology as an effective means to reduce the mortality and morbidity of breast cancer, the Aurora Breast MRI Society’s goal is to educate the medical profession, lay public and health care industry about the vital role of breast MRI in the earlier detection of breast cancer and more effective evaluation of breast disease.

For more information about the Aurora Breast MRI Society, or to inquire about becoming a Society member, please visit

Aurora® Breast MRI Society


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