This application can be found on Facebook. When you get your friends to sign up, you help raise money for Autism, its that easy!

Welcome to Facebook’s Autism Awareness Application. Autism is a critical issue that affects millions of families around the world. Help us raise much-needed funds and awareness by adding the Autism Awareness Application to your Facebook profile.How does this Application work? As an Autism Awareness member, you can participate in various online activites to help raise money for Autism research, treatment, and awareness. You can also connect with other people who are interested in Autism related issues. Click here to invite your friends to join our community.

Ways to Help:

Download the Autism Awareness bar to help raise money for autism research, treatment, and awareness.

  • Download is quick, easy, and free, and there is absolutely no spyware or adware.

  • Every time you search the web, Yahoo! will donate a few cents to Autism Awareness.

  • Every time you make a purchase online, a % of what you spend will be donated to Autism Awareness.

Testimonials:”Autism Solution Center, Inc. (ASC) is thrilled to partner with FreeCause on the Autism Awareness Application. Autism has risen to epidemic proportions and is a national emergency that must be addressed immediately. We are grateful to FreeCause for providing ASC an awareness and fundraising vehicle that has the opportunity to reach millions, and hopefully change millions of lives in the process as well. THANK YOU FREECAUSE!”

–Laura Corby, Founder and CEO, Autism Solution Center, Inc.


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