Rockhawk plaque removal system

The Peripheral Plaque Excision System for Surgical Use is the latest addition to the SilverHawk® family of products. This advanced endovascular device enables physicians to treat above-the-knee de novo and restenotic calcified and non-calcified lesions located in the native peripheral arteries. The RockHawk is based on our popular SilverHawk® platform and incorporates design changes in the geometry and the material of the cutting blade that significantly reduce the force needed to cut through calcified lesions, potentially resulting in decreased procedure time.

  • The RockHawk system is based on the SilverHawk Peripheral Plaque Excision System first marketed in the US in 2003. 

  • With the product feature advancements, the device now has the ability to excise plaque and calcium above-the-knee.

  • This model incorporates changes in the geometry and the material of the cutter structure to facilitate the break down of complex, hard, calcified lesions that may be resistant to conventional treatment.

  • The RockHawk also features a floating ramp that imparts better suspension to the unique cutter, allowing it to stay engaged against the lesion, similar to the pivot heads of a shaving razor.

  • The flush cleaning mechanism enables quick and easy cleaning of hard substances like calcium from the tip of the device.


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