RSNA 2008 the mobile radiologist and the iphone

The Mobile Radiologist: Using iPhone to Connect, Collaborate, and Work
In this session, you’ll learn about how iPhone can be used not only as a communications device, but also as a business tool to collaborate and work more efficiently and easily. We’ll cover the latest applications for radiologists and healthcare clinicians available on iPhone including – medical image viewers, EMR, practice management, and drug and medical reference applications. You’ll learn how to obtain these applications and how you can even develop your own applications.

Presenter: Apple Inc.

Teleradiology on iPhone: a Survey of Imaging Viewers
In this session, you’ll learn about the latest medical imaging viewers available on iPhone with an overview of their key features. We’ll demonstrate the user interface of the most popular viewers available and the ease provided by the multi-touch technology in iPhone. You’ll also learn how you can use these viewers integrate with your local PACS system.

Presenter: Apple Inc.

GE Healthcare Improving remote collaboration and viewing medical images on iPhone
This session will discuss GE mobile medical imaging solutions that utilize the iPhone development framework, to enable improved collaboration between a remote specialist and onsite primary care team. This solution aids in helping to provide improved accuracy in diagnoses for successful and efficient patient care.

Presenter: Sukhdeep Gill, Project Manager. GE Healthcare


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