Toshiba America Medical Contrast Free MRA’s

I hope someone outhere has some experience with one of these Toshiba units and can contact me. I would love to see some real images from actual patients, but these will have to do for now. These are from the Toshiba website. It’s a great idea to be able to  get these images without giving Gadolinium. 

With a unique combination of outstanding homogeneity, a 71 cm aperture, largest clinical FOV (55×55×50cm) and a 1.5T ultra-short, open-bore, Vantage Titan™ provides outstanding image quality without compromise.

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Vantage Atlas:

Our 1.5T ultra-short bore plus our Atlas coil technology provides you better workflow, in addition to outstanding image quality.

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MRI Safety

What is contrast? Is an MRI procedure safe? Are non-contrast images just as good? Discover these answers and additional information about safety in MRI procedures.

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 non conctrast



4 thoughts on “Toshiba America Medical Contrast Free MRA’s

  1. I used to work in the Toshiba MRI Applications group. I also spent some time in Japan working with the TITAN. Although I don’t work on Toshiba now, I can say I’m very impressed by their non-contrast MRA options. The sequence optimization takes some work from patient to patient, but they really work.
    Feel free to contact me at if you have any specific questions about the Toshiba product line.

    • Good to here from you…….Thanks alot for your input. How Reliable was your scanner? We have an Aquillian CT scanner and it is not as reliable as our Siemens, but it could be site specific. thanks Chris

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