Hitachi Oasis 1.2 Tesla open MRI

I have worked on the Aries II this looks like a high field version of that scanner if anyone has Experience with this scanner please post a comment. Good or bad. Thanks


OASIS™  featured on National Medical Report


OASIS™ provides maximum diagnostic performance and uncompromised patient comfort. Combining high-performance MR electronics of the best high-field equipment — fast gradients and multi-channel RF technology with Hitachi-designed Zenith RF coils — with Hitachi’s proprietary 1.2T open architecture vertical-field magnet, Oasis is a new generation of MR systems providing diagnostic confidence, patient comfort and investment value.

Oasis supports demanding workflow, features Hitachi’s legendary reliability, is easy to learn and use, and provides powerful differentiating features for you MR imaging services.






The Oasis Patient Experience




The OASIS Patient Experience

Hitachi is the innovator in patient-friendly MR. Now OASIS™ brings our unique patient-centered philosophy to high-field MRI. 

Oasis delivers an unobstructed angle to put even difficult patients at ease. That means decreased scan time and quality images — a truly superior patient experience.

Everything  improves with a comfortable patient.

A Patient’s view in a typical MRI


The unobstructed view from OASIS™



If you are a patient click here to see what OASIS™ can do for you

If you are a referring physician click here for information on MRI and OASIS™

If you are a radiologist or technologist click here to learn more
about the capabilities and advantages of OASIS™




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4 thoughts on “Hitachi Oasis 1.2 Tesla open MRI

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  2. Hi.
    The scanner is not based on the aris, it is windows embedded driven not unix.
    It is also a superconductive magnet not a permanent magnet.
    The software of the oasis is identical to the 1.5T Echelon.
    It has more in common with the 1.5T Echelon than the aris.
    Gradients the same, and has up to 8 channel coils.

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