1.5 tesla siemens espree PINK


Pink Comfort – 

Unparalleled 70 cm open-bore for increased patient comfort and easy patient access.
Pink Applications – 
A wide range of applications dedicated to improve diagnostic confidence.
Pink Workflow – 
Comprehensive tools that support the continuum of breast care. From early detection to 

Introducing MAGNETOM® Espree – Pink, the next generation of breast MRI.



 MAGNETOM Espree – Pink Brochure[787 KB]

Faster imaging, superior clinical detail, shorter exams – these are all part of the next generation of breast care. With its optimized applications, MAGNETOM Espree – Pink enables you to see more, by improving accuracy and showing more details. These applications enable truly comprehensive breast care, helping to improve diagnostic confidence as well as patient care.


 Excellent tissue differentiation in patient with lobular cancer

syngo VIEWS

Isotropic 3D imaging is essential when it comes to high-quality multiplanar image reconstruction in any orientation. syngo® VIEWS (Volume Imaging with Enhanced Water Signal) provides isotropic imaging protocols with high temporal and high spatial resolution as well as excellent fat suppression. You can acquire images bilaterally or unilaterally with excellent coverage of the retrosternal axillae. 

Courtesy of Centre IRM Ville Marie, Montreal, Canada


 Increased specificity for breast lesions, for differentiation of benign versus malignant lesion

syngo REVEAL

To ensure the best possible patient care, staging the disease extent is crucial. syngo REVEAL is a Siemens MR diffusion technique which improves specificity. By aquiring ADC maps it allows you to visualize potentially malignant lesions as well as metastatic infiltrations of lymph nodes and residual or recurrent tumors. Although it adds just a few minutes to your examination, syngo REVEAL with iPAT acceleration can improve diagnostic confidence and influence therapy planning. 

Courtesy of Centre IRM Ville Marie, Montreal, Canada


 Motion artifact compensation even in case of severe movement

syngo BLADE*

High-quality images in breast MRI – even in the case of severe patient movement. syngo BLADE offers a unique way to compensate for motion in non-dynamic data acquisition: By acquiring radial blades, it measures and corrects motion artifacts, providing clear, high-resolution images.syngo BLADE works in all contrasts and is iPAT-compatible, which shortens exam time and leads to reduced motion artifacts. Avoid repeat exams due to anxious patients and motion artifacts and improve your workflow and patient throughput.


 Breast spectroscopy with quantification for effective therapy monitoring and lesion differentiation

syngo GRACE*

High levels of choline are often found in malignant breast lesions on MR spectroscopy. syngo GRACE is an advanced, single-voxel MR spectroscopy tool dedicated to breast evaluation. It offers two push-button methods for relative quantification of the total choline signal in the breast: internal (water) reference and external (sample) reference. This relative quantification produces a reliable value of the choline signal – independent of measurement conditions. In this way, syngo GRACE can provide information about treatment efficacy, helping to improve your therapy monitoring.



Pink Comfort

Openness. What could better ease patient anxiety – particularly for claustrophobic or obese patients? MAGNETOM Espree – Pink’s open-bore design offers an industry-leading 70 cm inner diameter. This unparalleled design provides exceptional comfort, enabling patients to feel more at ease. But it doesn’t stop there. The system’s design enables feet-first and head-first positioning, whichever is more appropriate for your patient. Yet, you can still obtain the exceptional imaging you need. The coil design of the Sentinelle Vanguard for Siemens is perfect for MAGNETOM Espree – Pink, offering you excellent access to perform biopsies.


At only 125 cm, MAGNETOM Espree – Pink is the shortest system on the market, offering high flexibility and increased patient comfort.


Compact Magnet

  • Ultracompact 1.5T magnet (length: 120 cm)
  • Wide, patient-friendly inner bore diameter (70 cm)
  • Magnet weight incl. Helium only approx. 3,800 kg
  • Unique CT-like 70 cm Open Bore diameter




Sentinelle Vanguard for Siemens

The renowned technology of the 2/4/8-channel Sentinelle Breast Coil provides excellent image quality and optimal access for biopsy. The Sentinelle Vanguard for Siemens enables improved interventional accuracy and shorter exam times through an optimized workflow, which puts you one step closer to improving cost efficiency.
The coil is designed with variable coil geometry (VCG) that allows to accommodate a wide range of patient sizes, increases patient comfort, and increases signal-to-noise ratio, ultimately delivering excellent image quality.


8-channel set-up for imaging



  • Patient Frame
  • Riser
  • Immobilization plate
  • Two 3-channel diagnostic insert coils; two 1-channel biopsy insert coils; one 2-channel medial coil
  • The coil can be used in the following configurations:
    8-channel diagnostic imaging; 4-channel biopsy (bilateral); 
    2-channel biopsy (unilateral)
  • Breast cushion set
  • Height adjustable head rest
  • Head rest cushion
  • Contralateral support plate for use in all unilateral biopsy



4-channel set-up for biopsy


  • Simultaneous imaging of both breasts in all directions
  • Uni- or bi-lateral imaging of the breasts in sagittal direction
  • Uni-lateral biopsy imaging for lateral and medial access
  • High-resolution 2D and 3D imaging
  • Good iPAT capabilities, iPAT factors up to 3



syngo, the highly intuitive Siemens cross-modality user interface, is the basis for all MAGNETOM Espree – Pink applications. Enabling you to expand your capabilities in the field of Breast MRI.

Cost-Effective Siting

With its small footprint of 27 sqm (290 sq. ft.), siting MAGNETOM Espree – Pink is easy and efficient. And there is no need for a dedicated computer room.

  • 27 sqm (290 sq. ft.) floor only
  • No computer room required for a total of just two electronics cabinets (water-cooled)


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