IBM Working on Web-based “Radiology Theater”

During an event called “Smarter Web Open House,” IBM said that it is working with Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston to create a web-based, collaborative environment for medical professionals to interact with each other and review radiology images, ECGs, etc. The system is based on a project at IBM dubbed Blue Spruce, a fully browser based development platform. The technology would allow clinicians to interact through video as well as a white-board environment.

From Information Week

The secure Web site that IBM created allows CT scans, MRIs, EKGs, and other medical data to be posted and analyzed using live videoconferencing and whiteboard capabilities. It requires no special software beyond a Web browser and can thus be accessed from a laptop or mobile device, as well as a desktop computer.

“The magic here is the integration of all these things in one place,” said David Boloker, CTO of IBM’s emergent Internet technology software group, who demonstrated the system.

And the difficulty is how the application, referred to as Blue Spruce, handles the policy issues surrounding the sharing of regulated health data. Those details are still being worked out, as is the Web technology upon which the Blue Spruce mashup platform relies.


More from Information Week

Blurb from the IBM Press Room…


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