New evidence shows Omniscan, optimark and Magnevist can cuause NSF more frequently than other Gadolinium agents

A panel of medical experts has found that several gadolinium contrast dyes – OptiMark, Omniscan and Magnevist – appear to carry more risk of nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF) than others currently on the market. The advisory panel met yesterday at the behest of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to discuss possible labeling changes for the gadolinium agents


Gadolinium contrast dyes are approved for use in MRI procedures, and are sometimes used off-label in MRA studies. A mountain of evidence indicates that NSF only affects people with severe kidney disease who have been exposed to gadolinium agents.

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Toshiba’s 3T Vantage Titan

Featuring some of the most advanced MRI applications available in the industry, the Vantage offers a wide range of optional packages for cardiac imaging, including advanced Echo Planar Imaging, Diffusion and Perfusion Imaging, Peripheral Angiography and Fresh Blood Imaging, SuperFASE (Fast Advanced Spin Echo) imaging and Body Vision. In addition, Toshiba?s SPEEDER parallel imaging allows for increased acquisition speed and reduced examination times.

With Toshiba’s patented Pianissimo technology, the Vantage dramatically reduces acoustic noise, the most significant cause of patient discomfort during an MRI exam, and enables clinicians to better utilize all of the system’s high-field MRI capabilities.

Toshiba’s patient-friendly features make the Vantage Titan 3T MR comfortable. The system includes Toshiba’s exclusive Pianissimo™ noise-reduction technology, which reduces exam noise by up to 90 percent, making the Vantage Titan 3T the quietest available. Additionally, the Vantage Titan 3T boasts a 71 cm opening, giving patients more room and reducing claustrophobia, another concern facing the 3T MR market

The system also incorporates the ability to perform contrast-free MRA exams, including Fresh Blood Imaging (FBI) for evaluating peripheral vascular diseases of the lower legs and extremities; Contrast-free Improved Angiography (CIA) for easier visualization of smaller vessels; Time-Spatial Labeling Inversion Pulse (Time-SLIP) for evaluating hemodynamic, functional assessments and visualization of vascular structures; and Time and Space Angiography (TSA) to create non-contrast time-resolved imaging with high temporal resolution. Toshiba is the only imaging vendor to offer advanced contrast-free MRA techniques.

The Vantage Titan 3T also utilizes Toshiba’s Atlas integrated coil technology to reduce exam time and improve the overall exam experience for patients. Because the coils are integrated into the table, patients do not need to be continually repositioned for many exams, which saves time and improves patient comfort. Additionally, the Vantage Titan 3T will be with the new user interface – M-Power – to further improve ease of use for technologists.

“By listening to the market, we have developed a 3T MR that addresses the issues that customers have with this technology,” said Girish Hagan, vice president, Marketing, Toshiba. “This advanced technology will give the medical community the advanced applications they need while still being able to make sure patients are comfortable and exams are efficient.”

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