Who will make the best medical app for the Blackberry Playbook

I have always loved my blackberry when I had one. The features were tailored for business or medical professionals. I can’t wait to get my hands on this device. I have an IPhone, and I like it, but for powers apps I think this blackberry will shine over an IPad.

Here in the US and Canada, we’re already worrying about things like recalls, while the rest of world is still waiting for its crack at the original BlackBerry PlayBook. RIM today announced that its enterprise-friendly tablet will be hitting 16 more markets over the next 30 days — though some of the locations, like the UK, have already been announced (you guys will be getting the thing in a mere six days). Recipients include Hong Kong, India, and Australia — check out the full list in the form of a press release after the break. And when you’re done let’s start talking next-generation specs.
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BlackBerry PlayBook Launching In 16 Additional Markets Over Next 30 Days


Developers interested in creating apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook can get more information at: http://us.blackberry.com/developers/tablet/.


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