Siemens 3T Skyra advanced imaging and throughput

Magnet Technology
Ultra-short superconducting 3T magnet (173 cm cover to cover)
Ultra-light magnet easy to site (5768 kg)
Easy siting
Min. total space requirement < 31 sqm (for magnet, electronics and console room)
Fits in conventional 1.5T installations area
Zero Helium boil-off
Green cooling Package (optional) to decrease energy consumption by up to 50%.
TimTX TrueForm™ Magnet and Gradient Design offers enhanded image quality

MAGNETOM Skyra: The Mannheim Perspective
Published date: 2011-05-04 | Henrik J. Michaely; Stefan O. Schoenberg


The world’s first 70 cm Tim+Dot system
Transforming 3T productivity.

MAGNETOM® Skyra delivers true day-changing performance. Through the groundbreaking integration of Tim 4G and Dot, MAGNETOM Skyra sets a new standard of efficiency and care which will help you harness a new level of productivity.
Tim 4G gives you all the power you need for superb image quality. And Dot helps to take away all the complexity inherent in MR scanning that can slow you down. MAGNETOM Skyra. The world’s first 70 cm Tim+Dot system.

Take a Guided Tour of the MAGNETOM Skyra 3T
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Greater patient access and comfort with 70 cm Open Bore design
Ultra-light and short 3T system – easy to site and reduced cost of ownership
DirectRF™ – for higher signal purity and improved stability
50 x 50 x 45 cm FOV with TrueForm® Design
Tim Dockable Table option – Mobility done right
Illumination MoodLight providing comfortable environment
Further information

Clinical Image Gallery Brochure ebook
PDF[4.33 MB]

Together, they redefine productivity.



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