Facebook Messenger official download available — you can grab it here

Facebook Messenger client for Windows slips out for download (Update: Official download available)

By   posted Dec 29th 2011 5:56PM
We’ve already had an early peek at Facebook’s yet-to-be-released Messenger client for Windows, and now you can give it a shot yourself courtesy of a leaked copy that’s turned up on the TechIT website. Not much in the way of surprises here, but if you’re the sort that prefers desktop applications to websites or mobile apps, you’ll be glad to know that it provides access to not just Facebook chat, but status updates and notifications from your friends as well. You can find the download at the source link below (Windows 7 is required).

Update: Facebook has now made an official download available — you can grab it here, and find additional details on the application here.

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Here is a good site By Ray Ballinger
http://www.mritutor.org/mritutor/index.html with lots of good information. It also has a downloadable program for MRI review. If you would like more info, do a quick search on my site for MRI review.

Good luck.


Introduction to MRI

for topics of interest.Back to the MRI Tutor Web Site

Welcome to the exciting world of MRI! This is a tutorial that will cover the basic aspects of MRI.
For a less technical summary of MRI than that presented below, click here.

Each highlighted topic can be explored. A windows version of this tutorial is available for download. Use the links and save to disk the zipped file. The MRI and Radiology Teaching File is also available.

For review questions on MRI physics, helpful perhaps prior to board or registry examinations, review.hlp is a Windows help file that can be downloaded. Version 1.1 updated on March 26, 1999.

*A stand-alone windows-based MRI artifact teaching program is available as a zipped file (2.6 Mb).

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Ray’s Radiology Teaching Files

MRI and Radiology Teaching Files


Head and NeckAbdomenChest

Current number of unique diseases in each section:

  • Brain: 23
  • Spine: 15
  • Musculoskeletal: 25
  • Head and Neck: 4
  • Chest: 9
  • Abdomen and Pelvis: 24

Total number of cases including those with the same diagnosis: 101

Total number of images: 425

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ray at mritutor.org

This file last modified 22 June 2007.

MRI Tutor Educational Programs

MRI Tutor Educational Programs


Educational resources for MRI



MRI Tutor physics tutorial Program (498 kb)
Site 1
Site 2

MRI Artifacts Program (2.6 mb)
Site 1
Site 2

MRI Physics Review Questions (26 kb)
Site 1
Site 2



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