Three Dimensional Brain Tumor Construct Created in Lab

The possibilities this creates are endless. We can use this Glioma tumor for so much research. The technology used to create the Glioma can be used to create all kinds of other similar tumors like small cell lung CA, or  maybe  other types of brain tumors. Once we recreate a collection of tumors to practice killing in the lab without any risk to the patients we can really take some chances with some creative ideas. This is a breakthrough in medicine. This opens up a whole new world of medicine. We will be closer to destroying Cancer because of this. This is great!



by GENE OSTROVSKY on Feb 16, 2012

Three Dimensional Brain Tumor Construct Created in Lab

Not all cancers are created equal. While some are easy to study in the Petri dish, others don’t do well in vitro. They often will not grow without a supporting framework of angiogenic blood vessels that supply their high metabolism with nutrients and oxygen. Performing experiments on tumors such as glioma is a difficult proposition because they only wish to reside in the body and normally don’t survive when grown outside in a laboratory environment.

Researchers at Brown University have now managed to grow a three-dimensional glioma tumor, including the supporting proximal blood vessels, and are already using it to perform experiments testing a nanomedicine approach to tumor destruction.

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