Siemens new 3t MRI

3T imaging is becoming the standard in High Field imaging of MRI scans. With the advent of more powerful scanners 3T MRI has gained popularity among many referring physicians. Many sites looking to upgrade often will go to 3T MRI to increase the quality of the scans and attract new physicians to there MRI practice. I have used Siemens equipment for many years and I Love it. I can’t wait to see this scanner in action.

Mar 01, 2012 | With the introduction of the Magnetom Spectra magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system, Siemens Healthcare is expanding its 3-tesla product portfolio. The new scanner is characterized by both, premium imaging and a reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to common scanners in this product range. Due to Magnetom Spectra’s very attractive price it eases access to the 3-tesla technology for hospitals and radiological institutes. 

Siemens is working on a budget friendly 3t MRI scanner. It is state of the art with a good price.



“The Magnetom Spectra developed by Siemens is an MRI scanner that will enable many radiologists to utilize 3-tesla imaging for the first time, so they can benefit from the excellent image quality and high performance,” said Axel McKenna-Küttner, MD, associate radiologist at the Joint Practice of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine in Frankfurt, and head of its radiology department in Bad Nauheim, Germany, where the system is already undergoing evaluation. The new scanner employs Tim (Total imaging matrix) 4G technology, the latest Siemens coil generation. This modern array structure allows for a high spatial and temporal resolution. For that reason, and because of the good signal-to-noise ratio, Tim 4G delivers outstanding image quality. Until now, images of similar quality could only be produced by 3T high-end systems from the Siemens portfolio, which require a higher investment. Thus, the Magnetom Spectra gives even private radiology practices, imaging centers and clinics the chance to benefit from high imaging quality for their clinical routine despite tight budgets and intense time pressure.

Besides the purchase price, a further commitment to reducing TCO are the operating costs of the new MRI scanner. Magnetom Spectra has a low energy consumption compared to common 3-tesla scanners. Furthermore, the helium used to cool the magnet is contained in a closed loop. The costly gas does not escape and therefore does not need to be refilled. In addition, various components help users simplify the process of MRI examinations. For example, the cable-less direct-connect coils allow for quick and easy setup. Up to 120 coil elements can be combined together in a flexible manner. Thus, even large scans with large anatomical coverage, up to whole-body scans (205 centimeters), can be performed in a single examination without having to reposition the patient or the coils. Therefore, such scans can be performed in much less time.

Magnetom Spectra can be used for a broad spectrum of applications, from diagnosing damaged cartilage in the ankle to dynamic examinations of the abdominal area and functional imaging of the brain. To reduce the complexity of MRI exams, the scanner is equipped with Siemens’ MRI workflow solution Dot (Day optimizing throughput), which allows an easy and fast selection of the best scan strategy, based on the patient’s condition and the clinical indication. Users are guided through the examination step-by-step, and decision-making aids are offered at critical junctures, supporting consistent and reproducible scans across patients. Thanks to the Tim and Dot technologies, high-quality images can be produced in less time.

Launched in November 2011, Agenda 2013 is a two-year global initiative to further strengthen the Healthcare Sector’s innovative power and competitiveness. Specific measures will be implemented in four fields of action: Innovation, Competitiveness, Regional Footprint, and People Development.

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