that is a great service. there are so many patients that need this.

Knepper Advisory Partners

By, Jim Knepper (

No matter what your situation is, it is easy today to find yourself in a situation where you or someone you are close to is receiving care or has received care from Healthcare providers who seem too busy, unattached or even calus to provide you with common language explanations of the services that they provide.  With all the ‘Medical Language’ many providers use to justify or explain treatments…it can be hard to know that your care is on the right track!

Perhaps you’re done with your treatment and you are trying to digest an incredibly long, complex and verbose Medical Bill?  It can be hard to make sure that you got every treatment and service that you’re billed for when the Bill is written in a language that you simply don’t understand!  We can help!

Our partners have decades of experience in developing care plans, providing…

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