What is Acoustic Neuromas?

What a great informative website, about Acoustic Neuromas. There is plenty of information here for patients to chose the best options for therapy.


Via BrainSurgery.com

One scenario might be: you can’t hear anything when you put the telephone to one of your ears. Your doctor now delivers the bad news — that you have a brain tumor, AND the Good News — that it is perfectly benign. You are bombarded by different therapy options (Gamma Knife, Surgery, etc.) including the idea to forget about the whole thing. Everyone and their brother and/or sister has a strong opinion; only you are left to make the decision.

Welcome to the world of acoustic neuromas!

This tumor (called a “schwannoma”) arises from the myelin forming cells (Schwann cells”) of the 8th cranial nerve at the point where the peripheral part of the nerve meets the brain part of the nerve (called “Hensen’s node”). Hensen’s node is usually located in the inner ear canal that leads to our hearing apparatus, called the “acoustic meatus.” This nerve is…

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