Do Something Extra this World Down Syndrome Day!

1 Down Syndrome Fact Sheet
2 Down Syndrome Q & A
3 Myths and Truths
4 What Causes Down Syndrome?
5 Incidences and Maternal Age
6 Preferred Language Guide
7 General Info

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World Down Syndrome Day is celebrated internationally on March 21, symbolic of a third copy of the 21st chromosome that characterizes Down syndrome. This year the celebration is amplified as it is the first time that the date is officially recognized by the United Nations. Join NDSS and “do something extra” in honor of those with an extra 21st chromosome! Please grab this button and add it to your blog, and include posts between now through March 21 that promote the value, acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome. While we encourage frequent relevant posts in anticipation of the day, there is no posting requirement to grab the button – just having it on your blog will raise awareness!

If you’re looking for ideas, click here for a list of initiatives and ways to get invovled. Please spread the word to other bloggers who are interested in raising awareness for people with Down syndrome!

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