My Brain Doesn’t Quite Get the Message


Since April is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month and I happen to have M.S. I thought I would do a short blog on it.

I’m not going to go into a lot of technical details because others do that much better than I would and anyone can ‘Google’ on the web to find out that information.

For those that have no idea of what it is I will say simply that it is an ‘auto immune’ disease that affects the Central Nervous System and can affect the Brain or Spinal Cord.

I was diagnosed in 1991 finally! I say finally because for several years I had been back and forth to my primary physician complaining of severe fatigue, and then problems when I got overheated. I would get extremely weak and then get a horrific headache and have to lie down. I was having trouble with my memory and remembering certain…

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