MR conditional devices is progress… and burden


Image Last year in November we find out about the launch on the market of the first MR conditional ICD. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised about this and without a doubt the availability of the MR conditional cardiac devices is a step in the right direction.

I knew of course about the availability of MR conditional pacemakers. During a number of years I was even involved in the evaluation and in the launch of MR compatible pacemakers, so, I took a step back and look at the entire picture…

Back in 2005 before the launch of the first MR Conditional pacemaker in the European Market, it was a real believe that this is a breakthrough in the Cardiac Pacing and it will radically change the practice making the MR conditional the new standard for pacemakers.

After 6-7 years we see that although there is progress, a lot of questions and issues are still coming making the entire process sometimes pretty complicate…

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