Hitachi Receives FDA Clearance for Widest Bore 1.5T MR System

The New Shape of MR

Echelon Oval is designed around the shape of the human body, allowing for an optimal patient experience with outstanding comfort, space and efficiency.

The game-changing 74cm oval bore is the widest 1.5T MR system available. Enhanced patient accessibility combined with Hitachi’s Workflow Integrated Technology (WIT), advanced imaging capabilities, and UltraPlus Customer Support, makes Echelon Oval an ideal solution for-improved workflow, greater diagnostic confidence, and increased cost-efficiencies.

Echelon Oval, the innovation that’s changing the shape of MR.



Hitachi Medical Systems received FDA clearance for its Echelon Oval 1.5T Ultra-Wide MR system. The Echelon Oval has a bore that is, as the name implies, oval-shaped, very much unlike conventional MRI systems which have a round bore.




WIT RF Coil System: Integrated coil system with 16 channels, optical RF transmission, and multiple coil connection points optimizes workflow and image quality while providing head-first or feet-first positioning for all imaging. Integrated Head and Body/Spine coils can be used individually or in combination with WIT anterior coils for comprehensive neuro and body imaging. Additional multi-element coils are designed for high quality extremity, general and specialty imaging.

All of this and Hitachi’s RADAR motion compensation capability—applicable on all coils,
in all body planes and with pulse sequence flexibility further ensure exquisite head to
toe imaging.

Neuro – Brain

Neuro – Spine


Ortho – Upper

Ortho – Lower

T2 RelaxMap

Micro TE


BeamSat TOF

SIR Map Analysis


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