PET/CT + MR Trimodality Imaging

PET/CT + MR Trimodality Imaging

The superb soft-tissue-contrast of MR. The exceptional metabolic insight of PET. The precise anatomical reference of CT. Fusing these three powerful modalities holds tremendous promise—by opening up exciting new possibilities in the management of cancer, neurodegenerative and cardiac diseases.


PET-CT-MR clinical image, spine.


You can utilize leading-edge PET, CT and MRI technologies — together or individually — providing unparalleled choice, flexibility and clinical value.  Researchers and clinicians can access new technology to potentially improve image quality. See fine vessel detail. Visualize cardiac anatomy and function. Detect small lesions. Monitor response to therapy.  And forge a smarter path from clinical research to patient care.

Combining mature, robust technologies with new breakthroughs, Trimodality imaging is intended to be one of the best investments available for researchers and multi-specialty hospitals. That’s why we celebrate it as another step toward helping you make the best decisions for your patients.

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Discovery PET/CT 710 with patient

Discovery PET/CT 710

Effective treatment. Tangible results.


Discovery MR 750w 3.0T product front

Discovery MR750w 3.0T

The Discovery* MR750w 3.0T is a new, leading-edge MR system combining a 70 cm bore with 3.0T strength.

Optima MR450w, front view of product.

Optima MR450w

The Optima* MR450w MR system delivers productivity with uncompromised magnet technology. It is wide-bore done right.

State-of-the-art multi-modality management

Integrated Registration

State of the art multi-modality management.



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