The Optima* MR360 1.5T


Optima MR360 1.5T

The Optima* MR360 1.5T is an advanced application-rich 1.5T MR platform designed to help you obtain exceptional imaging productivity with a low total cost of ownership.

Optima 360 top view clinician and patient.

Optima MR360 1.5T

The Optima MR360 is engineered to deliver value. Built around a proven, highly homogeneous 1.5T magnet, 33/100 gradient performance and new OpTix RF technology, the unit combines clear image quality and versatility with the ongoing benefits of our ecomagination program. Offering flexibility with two table designs, the unit also facilitates diagnostic capabilities with user-friendly features. A broad range of advanced software applications offer you high-quality imaging—even in challenging areas such as breast, body, and vascular applications. The MR360 is energy efficient, too, using up to 34 percent less power than previous-generation systems.


Brivo MR355 1.5T

Advanced 1.5T magnetic resonance technology is now made more accessible with the user-friendly and energy-efficient Brivo* MR355.


PROPELLER 3.0 body imaging application clinical image


Combat patient motion, flow and susceptibility artifacts anywhere.


Inhance Suite pediatric imaging clinical


Inhance Suite

With Inhance Suite, you can visualize blood flow in diverse anatomies with an advanced array of powerful pulse sequences – with no need for Gadolinium.


Optima MR360 Brochure &





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