SilverHawk™ Plaque Excision System

This is the future, FoxHollow Technologies Inc.’s SilverHawk catheter is one of the hottest selling new medical devices on the market and has sent the company’s stock surging since it went public in October 2005. Titusville, Fla. (July 14, 2006)— Parrish Medical Center (PMC) recently started doing a new procedure to help fight peripheral artery … Continue reading

Rockhawk plaque removal system

The Peripheral Plaque Excision System for Surgical Use is the latest addition to the SilverHawk® family of products. This advanced endovascular device enables physicians to treat above-the-knee de novo and restenotic calcified and non-calcified lesions located in the native peripheral arteries. The RockHawk is based on our popular SilverHawk® platform and incorporates design changes in the … Continue reading

Pathway PV™ Atherectomy System

Pathway PV™ Atherectomy System The Pathway PV™ Atherectomy system is designed to treat the entire spectrum of disease found in the PAD patient. Our system has expandable, rotating scraping blades with aspiration for preemptive removal of both hard and soft plaque. The Pathway PV™ Atherectomy system provides simple set-up and easy operation to maximize effectiveness … Continue reading