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MY website is about Medical cutting edge technology, Medical procedures, cross sectional anotomy, medical conditions, research, Diagnostic tools, and other cool stuff. There is alot of intresting things on my page for Medical Profesionals & the public. Check out the video of a wheelchair stuck to an MRI machine. There are live video feeds for brain surgery. 3d reconstructions of the heart on You tube. links to many medical vendors.


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  1. please send me the link to download the MRI registry review.

    I hope this helps.
    Here is the website with the downloadable review physics questions

    Click this link HERE http://www.mritutor.org/mritutor/

    There is a lot of great information there also. When are you taking the registry? Good Luck.
    Happy New Year.



    Gina Knitter Photography Available

    Phone: 7 4041 4039

    Mobile: 0410 383 075



    Collaborative Learning for Radiological Community has Never Been Easier or Looked Better as Teaching Files Make the Most of the Large Touch Screen and Vivid Display of the iPad.

    Melbourne, Australia, July 1, 2010 – Radiopaedia.org, a collaborative, online resource for the global radiological community, is pleased to announce that its popular iPhone app Radiology Teaching Files Version 2.0 has been fully optimized for the iPad which features multiple scrollable stacks with up to 350 images per case plus links to additional online cases. Head and Neck, the first of six volumes, is now available for purchase from iTunes App Store.

    Radiopaedia.org ensures the Radiology Teaching Files App for the iPad has improved on the usability and flexibility of its iPhone application by allowing multiple scrollable stacks on each case with up to 350 images per case. Plus, the vivid LED-backlit IPS display of the iPad makes it ideal for viewing radiological images with unprecedented clarity. With many images per case, radiologists use the teaching files to test and improve their diagnostic skills, review discussions and reports as well as link to additional cases on line.

    “The Radiology Teaching Files app for the iPad is a fantastic learning tool that allows radiologists all over the world greater access to the collective experience of their peers on Radiopaedia.org. The iPad is user-friendly and truly enhances the user’s experience with each case. The iPad’s clarity makes the images come to life, and best of all can be view essentially anywhere! “said Dr. Frank Gaillard, Radiopaedia.org founder and editor.

    The Radiology Teaching Files are a sample of the collective library of real life cases and articles uploaded by radiologists around the world to Radiopaedia.org. Radiopaedia.org’s content is added and edited by global members of the radiological community and quality controlled by a team of Section Editors.

    This iPad app is available in both a LITE and FULL version. The LITE version contains ten cases per volume, is absolutely free and is ideal for someone new to Radiopaedia.org.

    Each FULL version includes a minimum of 50 individual cases in each volume, with additional cases made available as occasional free updates. The cost of the full app is $5.99 USD. All proceeds go towards the maintenance and further development of the Radiopaedia.org, which continues to honor its commitment to provide all of its online content for free.

    The Radiology Teaching Files app for the iPad is available at the iTunes App Store. Get started for free with the LITE version: find it in the AppStore or get over 600 images with the full version for just $5.99USD find it in the AppStore here.

    About Radiopaedia.org

    Radiopaedia.org is a free online radiology resource built and maintained by its users. Founded in 2005 by Dr. Frank Gaillard, Radiopaedia.org aims to develop the most comprehensive online radiology resource available, where information is up to date and relevant to the needs of the radiology community, and to provide that information for free.


    For more information on Radiopaedia.org, the Radiology Teaching Files for iPad or to schedule an interview with Dr, Frank Gaillard, please contact Gina Knitter on sponsorship @radiopaedia.org

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  4. Hi

    I’ve recently started an MRI blog to help patients deal with MRI anxiety. Our method has a very high success rate and we use a holistic approach to help claustrophobic patients to succesfully have MRI scans on both open and traditional MRI scanners.


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